About us

Founded in 2003, with its encyclopaedic profile, EIKON Publishing House asserted itself on the Romanian book market, publishing titles in various fields: philosophy, religion, school and university books, literature, herbal medicine, practical book guides, arts albums etc. – in the following series and collections: Biblioteca Ortodoxă [Orthodox Library], Eikon Educaţional [Educational Eikon], Universitas, Istorie contemporană și Relații internaționale [Contemporary History and International Relations], Theologia Socialis, Poezie [Poetry], Proză [Prose], Eseu şi Critică literară [Essay and Literary Criticism], Spiritualitate [Spirituality], Teatru [Theatre], Albume [Albums], Convorbiri [Interviews], Biografii [Biographies], Amintiri [Memories], Practic [Practical Activities], Terapii complementare [Complementary Therapies], Mituri Contemporane [Contemporary Myths]. We have published over a thousand books written by Romanian and foreign writers, including the classic, contemporary authors or debutants. Here there are some of the best known authors published by our Publishing House: Mihai Eminescu, George Coşbuc, Ion Agârbiceanu, A. P. Cehov, Sergiu Celibidache, Petre Ţuţea, Mircea Eliade, Mircea Vulcănescu, Al. Paleologu, Vintilă Horia, Gaby Michailescu, Vasile Andru, Dumitru Constantin-Dulcan, Andrei Marga, Radu Preda, Mihail Neamţu, Radu Carp, Ioan Bolovan, Achim Mihu, Liviu-Petru Zăpârțan, Vasile Sebastian Dâncu, Adrian Marino, Mircea Muthu, Wolf von Aichelburg, Aurel Sasu, Thomas Alexander Szlezák, Alexander Baumgarten, Dan Hăulică, Pavel Șușară, VasilePușcaș. The Biblioteca Ortodoxă [Orthodox Library] collection proudly presents books written by Î.P.S. Nicolae Corneanu, Î.P.S Lazar Puhalo, Arhim. Cleopa Ilie, Arhim. Iustin Pârvu, Arhim. Arsenie Papacioc, Arhim. Teofil Părăian, Arhim. Mina Dobzeu, Ierom. Lavrentie Şovreetc.

  • Over 2000 books published
  • Over 200 national tours
  • Over 2500 cultural events and book launches

Editura EIKON - Imaginea cuvintelor

EIKON Publishing House attends all national book fairs where, due to the valuable content and the graphic quality of their books, receives many awards and accolades.

Since 2006, EIKON Publishing House has been accredited by The National Research Council (CNCS) and from 2011 has a specific accreditation for the following domains: History of Economics; History of Science and Technology. Social, economic and political history. Military history, Medieval history. Modern and contemporary history. Colonial history and world history; Myths, rituals, symbolic representations, theology and religious studies. Ethnography; Romanian Language and Literature; Philosophy and history of philosophy. Epistemology, logic and philosophy of science. Ethics and bioethics; Visual arts. Performing arts. Museums and exhibitions. Music and musicology, music history.

We cooperate with all major bookselling networks, as well as the most libraries in the country, developing projects together with various institutions: Ministry of Culture and Cults, National Cultural Fund Administration, Ministry of Education and Research, the Romanian Patriarchy, the City Hall of Sector 2 Bucharest, Oncological Institute “Ion Chiricuţă” Cluj-Napoca, Bistriţa County Council, Bistriţa City Hall and others.