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Cristina Elena Safta has finalized doctoral studies at “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania in year 2019, under close supervision of prof. dr. habil. Maria-Ana Tupan. She is an English teacher, translator and interpreter for the English language. Her doctoral research is in the field of Romanian spirituality represented through drama. She was born in the city of Alba Iulia, Romania and has been studying the English language since her early years. Growing up, she found herself experiencing life as an immigrant, finalizing the elementary and middle school in Vancouver B.C Canada, after which she returned to Romania to finalize her studies. She published several translations of poems and aphorisms from Romanian language to English, in Romanian literary journals (Contemporanul and Baadul Literar), setting the stage for her own debut as a poet. Her first poetic work was published by Steaua, renowned Romanian literary journal, in 2018. Some of her publications include Spirituality in the Posthuman age. Digital Technologies and Screened Divinity published by the International Journal of Advances in Social Science and Humanities (IJASSH), study, which was initially read in the Summer School of the ISPRI Institute of the Romanian Academy, June 22-24, 2016. Other publications are: Religiosity in Masa lui Brâncuși by Valeriu Anania. The Translation and Analysis (2018)Miorița by Valeriu Anania. The refurbished mythological ballad (2017)Myth and Trivia: The double encoding of the Irish representations in the novel At-Swim-Two-Birds (2017).

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